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The KHAYA COLLECTION (khaya which means house in Zulu) is a collection of contemporary South African designs. The collection ranges from tables to chairs, ottomans, side tables, mirrors, lights, rugs and cushions. All the designs are manufactured with local South African materials and designed in a sophisticated contemporary style.

The Khaya Collection was first introduced to the US market by Paul Whitefield (President of Curzon USA Inc) in 2007. Paul had been living in San Francisco since 2002, where he established the Curzon Collection.

Curzon is a South African based family business that manufactures decorative accessories with an emphasis on high-end drapery hardware. While living in San Francisco and working closely with local US interior designers and architects, Paul realized that the design trend in the US had become very contemporary. Up until that point all products being introduced to the US from South Africa were still very ethnic based. In 2006 Paul went back to South Africa where he collaborated with local designers and from that the Khaya Collection was founded.

The Khaya Collection was first introduced to the US market at the Highpoint trade show in North Carolina in 2007 and to date has experienced wonderful success.

It is important to note that all hides are from protected species and are exported through the South African board of Nature Conservation.